Unlike reality, where you have to deliver results of this and that all the time, the good thing about World of tanks is the big simple fact that it's a game. A game that's basically down to the aspects of tanks-shooting-tanks. You can take yourself the time you need to grow better, -fitted into real-life's schedule. People can TELL you to uninstall the game. But in the end, it's YOU, who has the computer. It's YOU, playing. They can't give you a piece of paper, ask you to sign it, and then it's over.
That's first when it comes to real-life's warfare, which it never should do.
Other players can say what they want. But it's down to YOU, to decide if they're right, or if they're wrong.

Keep playing, and let the others talk. But keep the gameplay on a senseble level. There is a real life out side the game, that also needs to be lived.

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