-I want to drive in a platoon. How do I do that?
For platoon drinving, you move the cursor/mouse up, to the lef of the battle-botton and click "Create platoon" My experience of the game is, that there will be a certain period of time, where you most likely can't go on your own anymore. Sometimes, you have to, but as little as possible.

A screenpicture appears in the left side of your screen, with a list of your contacts. Those are the ones you can invite to platoon. Click on the name of one you want to drive in a platoon with, and click on the arrow just right of the list. The single arrow. If you want to invite more, repaet this. In a platoon, can be up to three players together.

My experiences
Now, my own experiences on a platoon is, that it's a bad idea to go three artilleries. It might go, with "Bert the avenger" (FV 304) or other british artilleries, but with that exception, I won't recommend others to do. Three heavies or mediums, could be a strong match as well. Or a soft French heavy, and a heavylier armored tank as the lowe, or maybe a tankdestroyer like the Ferdinand. With arty, I would say the most optimal match in a platoon is either, two heavies, or maybe a scout, and either a heavy or a tankdestroyer.

-But what about the matchmaking?
Right. The matchmaking. If chosing a scout, for the platoon, go pick a light tank being the tier below. Some light tanks aren't scouts, but most gets scouting-matchmaking. In general, the matchmaking system goes +/- 2 tiers, but some of the vehicles in the game, has even more expanded caps. One class of those, are most light tanks. The AMX ELC, for example, gets battles being tier 6-8. To reduce the matchmaking, pick a heavy tank or an artillery on at least one tier above. The matchmaking goes from the highest tier, and matches the battle after that.

Some might say that the matchmaking system also takes wn8 ratings to acoount. But that's a thing, you can try out yourself, by letting to one with the lowest wn8-rating, be the one inviting.

-How do we then maintain being in a platoon?
At first, you could might try the 3 rules out, and see how they work for you. Use the countdown-timer to discuss and talk about, where's the optimal place to go on this map, with this team, and with this matchmaking?
One starts to be field-commander. If the battle ends in a victory, the same continues choosing tier and tank for the next battle, the two others matches it up, the best they can. -Like most card-games. The battle-botton gets clicked, and the battle gets chosen by the system.

Remember, no matter how hopeless it might seem, always try to get the best possible out of it. There might be tankers on your team, still grinding first wins, or try to get missions activated and completed. And after all, the team who plays together, wins together. Give us all an example of optimal team-play. The game will be more fun, to all.
Good luck on the battlefields


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