Ok, we take a tour round in the garage.

The settings on this picture might be older, than you might will meet, but the garage-picture as such displaying your vehicles and the old used garage for them, will most likely be the picture you start to meet. (If not, then post a pictuer in my guest-book and show me your first meet with the garage)

The bottons
On the picture, you see a lot of different bars and bottons. In the top middle, is the big "Battle"-botton. Clicking on this will bring you to a random-battle. Beneath this, is a smaller bar, with options. And the bar on the picture is set on the "Garage". As you can see from the picture, the other options are "Depot", "Store", "Statistics", "Tech tree" and "Barracks". In today's basic garages there might be even more options, but they are not to worry about at this point.

The depot

In the depot you will find vehicles, modules and ammunition. Clicking on this option should as a standard show you how many vehicles you have in total. Written in white just above the list of the vehicles. From this list you can choose to get any vehicle displayed. Choose the nation, type and tier of the vehicle, and there you go. Now I rarely use the depot very much, but it's to our use, if we choose it.


The store

The store works a little the same way. But in here you can buy ammunition, consumables and even vehicles. The consummables gives some kind of boost to your crew. But in the beginng, it's not worthy the few credits to keep those consummables avalible to the crew. That will matter, later on, when you have grown better, and got much up higher in the tiers.
Just as well does the modules give some bonuses to the performance of the crew. And as we get up higher, we return to that aspect. But again, on the first few tiers it's not worth it to equip the small tanks with all various sorts of modules. We return to that later also.
Like we will return to the types of ammunition. What matters the most for you now, is to play with your tier 1 and 2 tanks and have fun, getting to learn the maps. It will go really fast here in the beginning.

The statistics

This is an example of the Statistics-screen picture you will meet. What you see on this picture, is a list of different vehicles and this player, who have chosen to share his screen-picture, has fought a lot of battles. I can "tell" you this, by looking on the list of Mastery badges. It's not always easy to get an "ace-tanker" mastery badge. (The ones with "M" on them). Sometimes it can take very long time. And sometimes, not much is required either because the other players driving these vehicles have been misrable in them, the past week or two, or because they are simply not driving in them.
Some of those vehicles are in this list marked with yellow; their names are written in yellow. You can get a modpack, to highlight this kind of vehicles, called premium vehicles. Driving in these and you earn more credits, than you would with a non-premium vehicle. But once again, in these low tiers, premium vehicles are not much of a concern at all. We will also return to those, later on.

To the right of the list is showed the player's statistics for the chosen vehicle, which is a T25AT. A vehicle I would say to be an american one. Probably one of the tankdestroyers. However, vehicles get removed now and then from the game, by wargaming. Some are happy, some are sad about each of them. But as a fame lyric goes; that's just the way it is.

It is also here you will find the medals you will earn, as you begin to fight more battles. You can see the medals earned on each vehicle, by clicking on the "bar" to the right of the shown "statistics", or you can choose to get all those medals you have earned, shown at once. To do that, you chose the bar "Medals" above this list.

On the "reccords" or "resume" you will see a total view on your latest staticts; performance =>"efficiency", win-rate, maximum experience earned, ace-tanker mastery badges earned, maximum damage dealt, average xp earned pr battle, avaerage damage dealt pr. battle, penetrations and of course, the total amount of battles fought. Some players values this very much. And for that reason, they might try to step on you and point their nasty ugly fingers at you, because of your possibly bad stats. This, is however one of the bigger problems in the game. Even I can find it hard to ignore it and I know you will as well, but still I would encuorage you anyway to try. Because these players aparently aren't that good, as their stats might say. They can't be, since they still have a need to step on others, for feeling better themselves, in stead of focusing to keep grow better.
One day, you who once was a beginner, have grown this skilled, that you can easily pull the carpet away, simply drag it away under their feet. Those kind of players, have no ideas what they are talking about. Only addicted, to some empty, dry numbers and percentages.

This picture is more added and applied to stay in the same style, as the previous "Garage"-realted one. But the tech trees have developped very much, since this state.
The pictuer shows a view on the soviet tech tree. (Soviet is Russia nowadays, that's why you in various videos will hear "tier this, type that Russian tank") The Soviet-Union was in acronymns called U.S.S.R on the time of World War2. And as you can see, on the picture, there was without USSR, Germany, the USA, China and France on the time for this picture, as other nationality options. But more have since been added.
As wrote elsewhere, you can as well choose, UK and Japan. Each tank have its quallities and limmids. As you grow more skilled, by playing one tank after the other, you will learn about these specfic characteristics and use them properly on each tank.
-Most players prefer to free-xp all modules, and upgrade the tank as much as possible, before driving in it the first time. But I actually begin to like, starting out from the stuck version of it. ("stuck" is a term used for a tank, that's just bought, and haven't gained enough xp to research and upgrade any modules yet. a tank that only have the first, (and worse) set of modules applied).

The barracks

This picture shows you the barracks. It's here all the crew is sent to, when you sell a vehicle. Once the vehicle is sold you can use the extra amount of credits to buy and prepare the next tank in the brach of the tech tree for the next battle. From the barracks you can get the crew from the previous tank, and add it on the new one. But they were trained to one vehicle, before, so among the preparation steps you will have to retrain your crew to this new vehicle. You can also choose to expend your barracks, if you don't have enough garage slots or dismiss the crew as another option. How you retrain you crew, is an aspect we return to later on.

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