Now, this game is a huge place for many players gathering around. And the idea is to have fun in the game.
Unfortunately, there are some players, thinking for some strange reason, that they just have to be toxic and talk dirty and bad. That ruins the game-experience, to other players. Therefor, here's a section about how to interact with eachother on the battlefield. As players grows better, it's way too likely that they're stats zink too deeply into their brains, and the ego grows too big, to their own good.

1. Calling other players bad names
-Ok, go ahead, and call players, names, BUT, what do you get out of it? Calling other players names, won't change them, just for the word. Calling players "campers", doesn't make them more other less campers. Calling them "noobs" are not gonna make them more other less noobs, just because you say it. And... how would you like being called those nick-names yourself? -If not, then stop it. Because you have been called names as beginner, doesn't make it fair, that you now call other players names. And cartainly, make them listen LESS, to what you say.

2.Raging in chat
Again, you can sure go raging in chat, but what do you out of it? If your tank gets blown up, then it must mean that you've been spotted and the opposit team have managed to collect their fire on you. That's what the game's all about. Tanks shooting tanks. If you get so aggressive that you begin to call rest of the team noobs, and campers, then it's better for you either ALT+TAB'ing out to windows or what ever system you use, or leave the battle and get out picking another tank in the garage. You've got plenty of them, haven't you?

3. Dirty langauge
The game isn't gonna change, because you tell others to "Kiss your ass". If you don't care about some stuff, then leave it. Some are only up to provoke. Some thinks you have to be toxic, to make your way to YouTube. That's not exactly true. I can share my own example; "The good, the bad and the ugly", episode 42. My own replays is an example of players just being regular normal, and sporty to eachother, while we play on the battlefield. And actually those still make their way with bad behavior, are ment to get other people's fingers pointed at them.
You are just a player, out of billions. If you have the idea that everyone loves toxicity, this game is not for you to play. They don't.

4. Oh, shut-up and get something else to do, if you can't take it! -This is just how it is
Who says it has to be? And who says that you decides everything? You got high stats, so? Where does all this come from? Who have said you have to be like that? You get more flies with honey, than vinegar. Keep in mind, it is just a game. We should all be here. If YOU can't change and get better behaved, then maybe YOU should go getting something else to do instead!

5. OMG! It's.....
No matter, whoever would enter the same battle as yourself, look at them as players just like yourself. Jingles, Rita, Circon, Quickybaby, Sir_Havoc, who ever it is, focus on the game and use the knowledge you have. Don't spam the chat, don't freeze to the ground. You know the map you enter, you know the tanks you meet, use the knowledge you get from regular palying, to deal with the situation you get into. Try to imagine if it was YOU, being in their situation. How would you feel, if you were greeted with a spamming chat, or players who were just keeping following you, because it was you? If you just play, go where your known to be expected of you, you can as a regular simple player, be the reason, that they would enjoy exactly this battle of meeting you. Don't use streams to your advantage. You'll never know if there actually is a delay and it would be more fair, to guess and play out of what you meet on the battlefield. If you have fallen, you can for fun go to the stream, and see the reaction if one is streaming, but don't use the stream to your or your team's advantage. Let your team guess themselves and let the gameplay be to them. -But Mary i want to help my team to win, even with this idol on the battlefield.
-And you can. Look at the map. Follow in the battle as it turns out. Encourage them. Look at it, as if this was just a regular battle, like anyone else. How would you be in all the other battles you've played? Don't let a fact like a contributor/streamer distract you.

6. Aaaargh....! That's it! I'm going tk soon!
Don't! And I could give you numerous reasons not to do it.

1. You're 15 tanks out there on the SAME team, for a reason. If you go teamkilling, you take allied guns out of the battle, meant to fight alongside with you, to win the game. The chances get smaller, the more teammates you take out of the game.

2.If you go teamkilling, you sink down to their level. You're so much better than those already teamkilling. Despite the degree of how frustrating the game could be, you should NEVER sink down to their level, doing teamkilling. Teamkilling, will be to say; it's ok, teamkilling. -And it's not ok. If you have the "replay all battles", you have the replay of this particular battle, you can repport the teammate teamkilling, and link the replay as proof/avidence.

3. Waste of good firepower! Erh, your gunpower is meant for the ENEMY. You know? The read marks on your map. The team on the other side. If in color-blind mode, purple marks. NOT teammates, green ones on your own list. NOT allies.

You can get as frustrated as all hell, because of teammates' gameplay. But it will be their problem in the end. If you have been out there, dealing all the damage you could, when it mattered. If you have got some kills, tried holding off enemy tanks, then there's nothing more left to do for you. You have tried.
And here, I am VERY tempted, to quote The Mighty Jingles again; "The one guy, with the biggest gun on the team, camping the back of a map" (replay; Zoddom, (at that time) QSF. Battle; Mines, Standard. Tank; T34, American tier 8 premium heavy. Video; "The good, the bad and the ugly", episode 42, released 2nd Febuary 2016)
Every player, experiences this. No matter who it is, it's equal frustrating. You're NOT alone.

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