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This picture is from the Malinovka-map. It's some kind of a pretty loyal map, because it follows you from the lowest to the highest tiers. It was the first map I met, as a player when I started. And I remember that I enjoyed just to go to the fence, and fire on other targets on the other side of the field.

As you get higher in tiers, and grow better as player as well, you have to change your way of playing. To use other stragedies and tactics, learn to read the game. But on the lowtiers, it's about learnng the maps, and just have fun playing.

The seriousness soon begins. The battle loads and you get matched with other tanks around your tier. Tier 1 tanks meets only maximum a tier higher, when they drive alone in random battles. Once we're on the battlefield, there's only one thing to do, and that will never change as you grow in the game. Give it your best shot, and play for a common goal with your team. To win.

To get better, you have to learn gamecontrol functions -and mechaniques, maps, tanks and learn how to master the basic techniques, all aspects that helps you to take less damage and last longer on the bettlefield.
Afterall, you don't help much as a smoking wreck.

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