How do I handle fellow players being rude with me?
That's a very good question. In-game people feel a very sad need to step on other players, due to feel better themselves. The more they can troll and step on you, the better they feel. -In the moment.
Most of those shit-heads, aren't worth any concern, thoughts, or even attention. It's like real-life bullying. But, unlike the case of real-life bullying, you can do something quite smart and simple. -And that's called "Blacklisting". If a player have wrote to you in your garage, only writing nonsense zap, you right-click on the name, a window appears and as one of the last options, you can "Add to blacklist". Click here, and you will never hear from the person in-game again. -Or having any option writing to the one yourself.

Stats or nationallity, shouldn't matter. None of those, allows any player, to step on another. As wrote elsewhere, I'm quite sure:


"Calling someone else "fat", won't make you any skinnier.
Calling someone "stupid", won't make you any smarter..."

And with the WoT-twist;

"Calling someone "noob" or "tomato" won't make YOU a better player"

For those getting stepped on, for the reason of stats:
"-You're noob, if you go backwards towards the enemy.
-You're a noob, if you fire HE at targets, in certain tanks.
-but you're not a noob, if you have red stats. Even a player with red stats, can pen your tank"

-And for that reason, I have made this guide, for all of you out there guys. All those of you being new, vulnerable, and stepped on. Read it, use it. Grow. And show all those baloonminded-shitheads, what you can do! Go get 'em. And good luck on the battlefields


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