In this picture, we notice the little scetch here in the bottom of the screen. Angling the tank, is a thing you as player can do to make incomming shots bounce on your vehicle. If the gunbarrel is pointing over your tracks, and the turret therefor is turned more, there won't be any effect. Incomming shots from enemies will give you damage.
But if you angle the tank, like this little one is, you have a bigger chance to bounce incomming shots from enemy tanks, when you meet them, and by that, also a bigger chance to survive a bit more.

Spotting/cover mechaniques

As many of you out there might have seen in "The good, the bad and the ugly" few weeks ago, (episode 42, time 13:11) your tank gets destroyed, if you gets spotted by the enemy, and they can shoot you, without you can see them.

Using this to your own advantage, there are some techniques you can use. The proper use of concealment, allows you to stay hidden. And shoot at targets that's spotted, but to keep yourself undetected. This use includes, hiding behind a bush, while spotting. But once you fire, you have to be 15 meters away from the bush. Otherwise, the bush becomes transparent, once you're firing a shot and you will get destroyed too soon, to make any difference to your team and the game result. 15 meters. Keep that distance in mind.

It's inside this range you, by firing shots will reveal your allies' position to the enemy. If you feel tempted to fire at something, then check out first, what the distance is to your closest enemy. -It should be shown in sniper-mode, if not, there will be some modpacks, which can help you to see that, if you target your closest standing ally.

Evenmore, you can improve the spotting mechaniques to your own advantage by "painting" your vehicle in some camoflage patterns. Each pattern will increase the camoflage-rating with 2%. Among these camoflage patterns, there are few selections from each three types of battlefield, you're fighting. Winter, summer, and desert. Spotting the enemy before they see you, will increase the chance to get the first, and by that also the final destroying shot.
Camoflage and other pieces of equipment will first be of any use, in the higher tiers. In the smaller tiers, it's about driving one or two battles maybe three, and then the modules and the next tank in the techtree is researched. Camoflage patterns costs gold, as well. The advice I was given, when I grew into this universe was, that it's only needed of the tanks you want to keep. Think about and consider this. It can be up to about 600 gold, for each tank.

But camoflage and spotting equipment or not, keep the distance of 15 meters in your head, and use it. 15 meters behind the bush, when firing, 15 meters from allies, when firing AT ENEMIES!
You can check the distance, by noticing the enemy passing by the bush wherein, you hide. If the details of the tank is clear, you are too close. If you only see the red silhouette, of the enemy vehicle, you have the right distance.


Angling your tank as shown on the picture, hiding behind even more solid concealment, like a cornor of a ruin, a rock, or maybe a wreck of a tank, driving forth and back, is the manouver that's called side-scraping.

You can start on the battlefield, to find yourself a spot of cover. Once the enemies are spotted, you can drive out from your chosen spot, fire a shot towards your enemy, and roll back again. The lowtier tanks have a pretty fast reload time, compare to the bigger ones, but it's a good idea to practise that part of the manouver, in the beginning of your time of playing, the game, so it will be natural for you, and just a habbish, simple rutine, you just do, when you grow more experienced.

As the time goes on, you can try to add more angle to it, and turn your tank a bit more diagonal. The tank should be angled these 45 degrees, to one or the other side. Once you have fired, it's back into cover, while reloading. You are very vulnerable, while you reload. And if you stay out, while reloading, you give your enemy, or opponent, the chance to fire back at you, without being able to answer that. Doing this, you will be out, before you know.

Make sure to cover all flanks

An experience I have got, which have made me a lot wiser, is from the early years of my time, playing. I was in Live Oaks with a tier 4, maybe 5 American tank-destroyer and we had the southern base, in a standard battle. I asked in the chat if the bridge should be covered, the whole team refused on that, and the result of that, was that our opponent, or enemyteam in that battle rushed exactly the bridge.

So that's another rule. And tip I want to share with you out there. It is right, that it's stupid to go alone, but just as well, it's stupid to leave some flanks open. Enemies will rush open flanks and run you down if you leave it open.

Toptier, yay!

Being a toptier, makes no guarantee of anything. The spot you get on the teamlist only shows how many enemy-tanks you can fire at, or how many enemy tanks that can fire on you.

If you are toptier it is given to many players where to go. J-5 on Fjords, southern flank on Arctic Region, City in Fisherman's bay, and Ruinberg.
-But what I am about to get even bigger sucess on doing, is to find out, where my gun, can make the biggest difference to the result of the game. One thing I keep in mind is, that as well as myself others also might some times join a battle on their so-called "jinxed" tanks; tanks they won't win anything in, no matter what they do. Every player can have such battles.
To consider where your gun can make the biggest difference is useful of all players to do, but not all players on a team are having the same thickness of armor to go everywhere on the map. So being lower tier, or a tank with thin armor means you have to hold a bit more back and let the bigger guys take the shots from the enemy.

"Booh, we won't win this one"

If you don't believe, and have no faith in the victory, your gameplay gets effected and influenced by it. If it is so, then quit the game for a moment, and return later.

Make the tank turn faster -how?

If you lock the gun, while you turn around the corner, by clicking and holding down the right mouse-button. That will help your tank to turn faster than it usually does.
Try it out yourself. Make one turn as normal, and one turn, while driving over a bigger distance, -in both cases, bigger distances, where you click and hold down the right mouse-button. A smaller, but actually pretty important detail due helping you to do better in battle.

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