Introductioning "service" announcement

I better make this clear once and for all, since I have had some issues, lately. I am not trying to tell everyone, how they should play the game! I am no unicom of any kind. 

The idea with this webguide-blog-site, is to help new-comming players, to stand stronger and get a better start and introduction to the game, than I experienced I got.

On here, I share my experience, observations, and expands if I experience a request and a call for it. (Read closer, to the section about stuff "For the advaced players")

If you don't like this, get offended by it, or find it ridiculous, well, that's up to you and you're free to go visit other sites, that you find better. But never the less, here is mine. You can choose to take my ideas, observations and theories, or you can choose to just screw them and play your own game. I don't want to dictate at all, how any player should be playing the game. I am anything but quallified for that!

I'm Marybanks, or, that's the in-game name I go by. You can call me Mary. I play on the European servers and I now want to try guide all you new players to be even better in the game of World of tanks. My own experience of the game is, though it's different from another game I play, World of Warcraft, the two games still share a few aspects. One of them, is when most players start playing, they are unsure with them selves, maybe panick a bit in the first meet of an enemy-tank the first time on the battlefield, but as they get better, they kind of forgetting how they feeled themselves, when they once began. And they expect everything, from teammates, who might just have started. In these pages, I want to, as I already wrote, give my knowledge of the game to you as a newcomming player, and hopefully, with the time help you to get a better start.

The game is the reason why I started these websites. It offers an unlimmited amount of websites and the users can make websites in different languages, without being forced to pay money for a 'sister-site', like it's the case, with the website I had before,

When I started playing, I was lucky to have another player to teach me into the game. Later I joined a clan, which could offer all kinds of practise and training in game mecahniques. After attending over weeks, I could both see and feel my own progress in the game and on the battlefield. 

-As a new little thing, I have opend as well for all of you, outside of Denmark, to write a comment in the guestbook, or on the comments-site.
Let me make one thing as crystal clear and plain, as ever possible to me: ANY, attempt of trolling-messages of ANY kind at all, will be DELETED!! The guestbook is open to serious contents. Greetings questions about serious stuff. I will try to answer my best.
Bring it on.

Zfilez, 10.02.2019 (16:14:58)

You know where you can find me :) going to add this page to my Bookmarks :)

scobiejones, 27.01.2018 (03:23:52)

Great to meet you Mary look forward to playing together

Marybanks, 08.01.2018 (20:56:55)

@HotlineDING why pad your stats, when you can play your way up through the tiers and even learn more about the game? -And be even true to your stats.

MadMainer, 31.07.2017 (00:33:40)

I started to read your guide tonight, Im very excited to complete it

fochnessmonster, 07.01.2017 (16:59:16)

Well done website Mary with good content ---keep up the good work

Pro_Nerktato, 06.01.2017 (13:50:12)

Hi Mary!

First of all I would like to thank you for all that you did so far. It helped me a LOT to become a better player than the average nerks which can be found in the game. I wish I could gift you some shurikens for your service, youve earned it!

Little known fact is that Im battling with crippling depression and I was playing with the idea of ending my useless life many times over the last year. But everything changed when I saw you streaming. It filled me up with joy and gave a new meaning to my life.

When I saw on your twitch page that you dont have a functional PC I became really depressed again. Is it possible to create a gofundme or kickstarter project so we can help getting you a new PC by donating?

Your streams were the highlights of last year that kept me going in my sad meaningless life filled with misery. They have helped me think that Im not useless and not a failure.

I will always be grateful to you.

Yours truly,

Schmeksiman, 05.01.2017 (23:54:04)

I really like your content! I have used your map tactics tonight to great success! Also, I never knew how to move before! You have taught me so much! Schmeksi.

PraisePingu, 04.01.2017 (23:35:37)

Hello Mary!

Thanks to your blog and stream I have been enjoying WoT more than ever. My stats are constantly dropping but that doesnt matter when Im having fun.

I am also commanding skirmishes now and I need your help, which tier 8 tanks do you think are best for competitive play. I am not a gold noob so pls no tanks that need gold. Gold is for FAME stat padders and fake players.

Thank you!

kataostic12, 23.08.2016 (21:49:04)

Sup Mary how do you block people ingame? I got abused by 3 qsf-e players and they said offensive stuff towards by nation, Poland. thansk!

HotlineDING, 09.08.2016 (19:17:21)

Hi Mary Banks. I would like to ask you a question on which tier 2 tank is better to stat pad in, M2 light or BT-2.


Sir Havoc, 22.07.2016 (01:08:52)

I am the Owner of Havoc X Gaming Community which is home of
World of Tanks University the largest World of Tanks Academy which is ofc endorsed by WarGaming (the makers of World of Tanks)

I think you have done a great job with this website Mary and I admire and appreciate that you have taken the time out of your life to help people.

Great job Girlie!!!

IkStinkNL , 17.07.2016 (03:48:01)

Well xaneleon u should try to kemp more so that arty will continue on focussing you for the rest of the battle. If youve achieved the heat of arty shells itsits time to head out and do some damages as a FAME player aka full gold setups. Still watch out for cgcs though and keep kemping when you move to the next cover! Also use HD graphics and x25 zoom to improve gameplay/aiming

Xaneleon, 17.07.2016 (03:39:08)

Hey Mary,
Currently I am struggling with the FV215B. I cant get it to 4k dpg, because I feel like I am being too agressive in the field. Its only 300 dpg above the Conqueror with 3600. How can I be more patient and what relaxing methods would you suggest during the heat of the battle/end-game?

Pawel, 05.06.2016 (20:30:52)

hi thanks for this website. this week I went from 420 wn8 up to 431 in 1 week!!!!

Donkey_Bacon, 05.03.2016 (23:52:11)

OK, interesting. Thank You

Marybanks, 18.01.2016 (09:13:21)

Not sure, I get you. -yet

Del, 18.01.2016 (09:07:58)

Learnt something from an ex RSOP player.
Do the damage of your tank at least.
If you have 100 hit points, cause 100 hit points of damage.
If you use gold ammo, then 3 times hit points.

STATS are for streamers only, who like big WN8 stats?

Write a comment

_Last_Win_, 10.02.2018 (06:00:30)

Marybanks, 31.07.2017

Im glad you like it. If there should be something you should wonder about, in the game, user-interface or other things, feel free to add it in a comment, and I will get a look and at least give you an answer to the best of my ability.
Happy tanking. And good luck on the battlefields

Pro_Nerktato, 06.01.2017

Thank you for the kind words Mary it means a lot to me. I will try my best to overcome all the problems Im facing. I look forward to see you streaming again.

I play on the SEA server, my nick is Thingol.

Marybanks, 06.01.2017

Ending a life too soon, is never going to solve any of the problems you have. A song have a lyrics that goes; "so the next time youre down, look inside, not around"
I have had a selfconfidence-problem too, as I have been jobless for 7 years. There are still alot inside of me, and I know what. -Or at least, some of it. Its very kind of you offering to found for a new PC. I have already got one, though, and was considering to stream soon again. During the past few months of last year, I had what the dictionary calls a "work-study", took all my time, my energy, my view. It took everything, so I couldnt overcome streaming beside that also. Now, that Ive got this new PC, I am to set everything up again, or at least some of it. Keep in mind, no matter what you chose to do, its a climb. Some of it, more than other things and aspects. And running away from your problems, wont solve them or make them go away. The only way to do so, is to face the problems, analyze them, figure out, what is the problem, if it was something coming from the outside, then focus on this; "No one, can make you feel inferior, without your consent" Words alone, cant make any difference to you. Only if you accept it. Allow the words to get the power and control on you. Whats your in-game name, and what server, do you play on?

Marybanks, 06.01.2017

The guide is meant, to, as the word says; guide, new players to getting a better start in the game. Help them to surprise those thickheaded, stat-addicted players, whose ego has grown too much to their own good. If you read some of the other posts, in this guestbook, you will find out, that some players have found use in it. Since you dont, because you apparently know all this stuff, well, good for you. Im not holding you back from bring something up being even better. This guide, is meant to cover all my experiences, right from scratch. I am not deleting parts of it, because some might know those parts. If you know it, fine. Good for you. Congratulations, there is something you know.

Anderson, 05.01.2017

okay, I have now looked upon this website and seriously.... is this meant to be like a guide for dummies towards new players in World of Tanks? most people know how to move around ingame with wasd keys, so is it really a necessity? This game is not all "fun" as you mention.... I mean, seriously? come on, do better than that

Marybanks, 01.11.2016

@Negated, if this is rigged, then I have to ask you; why does its players need to complain and whine? A game is what its players makes it to

Negated, 01.11.2016

Mary, why this game heff to be so rigged?

Marybanks, 23.08.2016

Unfortunately, many people have an extremely sad need to step on others, feeling better, themselves. No matter where we look, or where we are in life, those shitheaded bullies are sure to be around. I have now made a section explaining shortly one of the things you can do. Another, is, if people on the battlefields trolls you by their gameplay, you can type and hold down the "Ctrl"-key, being in the same line of your keyboard, as "Alt" "START" "SPACE" and "Alt Gr"-keys. Next you lead your cursor to the name of the player, right-clicking and have from this point forth, a list of Rapporting-options to choose. But dont misuse it. There are enough shitheads around in-game. No reason to be just like them. Youre way better

Marybanks, 09.08.2016

Thanks Sir Havoc.
And while were at it, lets recommend all new players reading this site to attend the WoT university due to grow better. If you find something missing, please feel free to tell me.

Marybanks, 09.08.2016

Tier 2 tanks are just bumps on the road, towards tier 10. What matters is that you spot targets, deal damage, track enemy vehicles for your allied artillery, the green ones, and tankdestroyers. Play together with your teammates. Those battles will count the most

Marybanks, 17.07.2016

Im not much into all tanks as other fame players might be. And one of my weaknesses is to stay back and stay alive. Because I have been listening too much, to too many of the wrong kind of players. I had a battle yesterday, where I felt I did good. What can improve every player, is to pay attention to the minimap. Read the game. What flanks are most vulnerable/threatened the worse? Where are the best spots of cover? Where can I do a difference? Where does a teammate looking to be in need of assistance? What type of vehicle do I drive? How thick is its armor? What happens if I angle it a bit? How much, to make shots bounce?
Try to consider all this stuff, in every battle you play. -Fire shots, when the target is certain and of a size, making it possible for you to hit it. I think the amount of damage comes as you learn the tank better to know. Learn about the weakspots in each tank, so you know where to hit it, to damage the most.

Marybanks, 05.06.2016

Glad to hear that you found my website useful, but dont forget, what makes the biggest change is that you keep going on the same way. And remember this; stats are just numbers. Empty nonsense. Not saying anything about what a player can do. Some times "tomatoes" and oranges can surprise you.

Mystery_Mac, 25.05.2016

Hi Mary,

I like your initiative, gg.


thedanishwdw, 09.05.2016

Hey Mary

good job looks amazing

In4FunToo, 15.02.2016

Marybanks! Keep up the good work.

mrfrsty, 11.01.2016

Nice work on your website, Marybanks!

Marianne Hess Jensen , 07.12.2015

Thank you. I will. Add it, and grab a look on it, now and then.

Del Uk, 06.12.2015

Nice site, keep up the good work.
My pleasure to be of assistance if possible, gatewar

Nilantha Liyanage (gatewareu), 15.09.2015

Thank you very much for helping me on WOT.


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